Lactobacillus brevis NTT001


Plant-derived lactic acid bacteria
discovered in suguki pickle, a traditional Kyoto one.

We produce Lactobacillus brevis NTT001, a plant-derived lactic acid bacteria discovered from a traditional Kyoto pickle known as suguki.

Tsunataro Kishida, M.D.,Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at Kyoto Prefectual University of Medicine, had been interested in lactic acid bacteria since he was a young researcher. His interest was piqued by the fact that people in the Caucasus region, known for their longevity, had a long tradition of eating yogurt, which contains lactic acid bacteria. Therefore, Dr. Kishida started to work to isolate lactic acid bacteria from the traditional foods of Kyoto. And his attention was gradually directed toward suguki, a pickled food made from Kyoto vegetables.

We worked with Dr. Kishida to isolate and preserve the lactic acid bacteria from a colony formed on an agar medium. Lactobacillus brevis NTT001 was discovered by chance during this process. While examining the culture solution of Lactobacillus brevis NTT001, Dr. Kishida said, "This lactic acid bacteria must be effective at enhancing immunity." It was proved. It has been confirmed that this strain enhances immunity. Recently, it has been also demonstrated that the strain has other various effect including metabolism-improving, such as antiobesity, purine decomposition activity, and regulation of the function of intestine and it has attracted wide recognition.

We are promoting active research and culturing of the effective microorganism we discovered from sources in Kyoto. As one of the most significant lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus brevis NTT001 is now being incorporated into a wide variety of foods, such as chocolate, under the NOSTER brand name.