NOSTER is our new strategic brand in the Bio business. We intend to expand the product lineup. The first NOSTER-branded products are selected seven of our original strains.

We are providing seven strains as food raw materials, including four species of lactic acid bacteria, under the brand name NOSTER.
We gain abundant evidence through extended research.
Powder-type for easy processing
Manufactured in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Raw materials for lactic acid bacteria

  • Enterococcus faecalis NTEnterococcus faecalis NT
  • Lactobacillus brevis NTT001Lactobacillus brevis NTT001
  • Lactobacillus brevis NTM003Lactobacillus brevis NTM003
  • Leuconostoc mesenteroides NTM048Leuconostoc mesenteroides NTM048

Raw material for bifidobacterium

  • Bifidobacterium longum NTBifidobacterium longum NT

Raw material for Bacillus natto

  • Bacillus natto NTBacillus natto NT

Raw material for Clostridium butyricum

  • Clostridium butyricum NTClostridium butyricum NT
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