What is NOSTER?

What is NOSTER?


NOSTER. This brand name, which is somehow nostalgic with a warm sound, is the Latin word for “our.” The word means everyone involved in NOSTER, such as the manufacturers, patients, and care-givers. And it implies the desire for NITTO Pharma to make NOSTER “brands for us”, which incessantly contribute to global human health, through research on microorganisms as well as the creation of new Biopharmaceuticals in the future. We decided to adopt the Latin brand name as we considered the fact that the names of all microorganisms are expressed in Latin.



Global Biobrand contributing to the future of mankind through research on microorganisms and creation of Biopharmaceuticals and functional foods.

Tag line

“Postbiotics to benefit everybody”


For everyone throughout the world who wants to live in good health every day and enjoy an enriched life.
NOSTER stands for “our” in Latin.
The word embodies the desire that NITTO Pharma makes NOSTER “brands for us”, which closely support people who hope to live in good health every day. We are deboted to bring a happy everyday to people all over the world, based on Gut Microbiome Research and culture technique we have built up since our foundation.
“Postbiotics to benefit everybody”
We are NOSTER.


Finding new effective Microorganisms

We have been involved in isolating/collecting beneficial microorganisms, such as lactic acid bacteria, from fermented foods, such as pickles, and typical Japanese vegetables, mainly in Kyoto, where we are based. We will expand the scope of these activities, and continuously carry out field work to achieve 1,000 potentially beneficial strains.

Open Innovation Research

In Kyoto, where our Head Office and Research Center are located, there are a number of universities and research institutes including Kyoto University, making this city a central hub for academia. Utilizing this advantage of position and further promoting cooperation with academic institutions, we will carry out the world's most advanced Gut Microbiome research and store science-based evidence.

Research on Postbiotics

Actively ingesting living microorganisms having beneficial effects for human, such as lactic acid bacteria, is the underlying principle of “probiotics.” Taking this concept a step further, we have focused on the fact that “metabolites” produced by effective microorganisms in the gut exert beneficial effects on humans, and refer to them as “Postbiotics.”

As one example of state-of-the-art research in the “Postbiotics” field, we have made significant progress in the research and development of a new functional fatty acid, HYA, in collaboration with Professor Jun Ogawa of Kyoto University. HYA is synthesized from the linoleic acid in vegetable oil, as a starting material, through the enzymatic reactions of effective microorganisms. It have been demonstrated that HYA protects the intestinal tract barrier and surpress increases in postprandial glucose levels by studies in both animals and humans.

HYA has the potential to serve human health worldwide, so we are putting greater focus on research and development. Our goal is to introduce HYA as a Biopharmaceuticals and as a food for specified health uses (FOSHU) .
As another topic of research on Postbiotics, we promote to the development of“Leucosaccharides ,” a sugar metabolite of lactic acid bacteria. Studies in cultured cells or animals have confirmed that Leucosaccharides alleviates the symptoms of psoriasis and has antiobesity effect. We are preparing for commercialization.

We fully understand that this research and development of Postbiotics is the most important work for realization of the “The leading Postbiotics company in the world,” that is our vision. Therefore, with introduction of the brand NOSTER as a driving force, we will accelerate research and development, and steadily take the proper course toward realization of our vision.