To generate effective compounds by intestinal microorganisms outside the human body,
it is our new challenge.

What is Postbiotics? The human intestine contains an abundance of microorganisms (microbiome). They break down the foods humans cannot digest, and their biogenic action produces helpful substances that benefit human health such as lactic acid, acetic acid, amino acids, and vitamins. These substances are referred to as “metabolites.” Our Postbiotics business was launched to discover beneficial microbial metabolites, and to put them to practical use through fermentation technology. We will offer the pharmaceutical-quality microbial metabolites we produce as raw material for foods, supplements, foods for specified health uses (FOSHU), and as for Biopharmaceuticals.

HYA, the world's first fatty acid produced by the metabolism of lactic acid bacteria

HYA is new functional fatty acid

"HYA", a new functional fatty acid synthesized by the metabolism of lactic acid bacteria, is the first product of our postbiotics business which we are currently conducting research and development. HYA is produced from the linoleic acid, a ingredigent of vegetable oil, by the enzyme reaction of lactic acid bacteria. Professor Jun Ogawa of Kyoto University and his colleagues discovered it, and Nitto Pharma is now working diligently to put this product on the market. HYA physiological function has reported, for example, improvement of intestinal epithelial barrier function in vivo and reduction of triacylglycerol levels in hepatocytes ex vivo.

Our research and development of HYA is awarded NEDO Grant.

Research facility for manufacturing HYA

Pilot scale fermenter to synthesize HYA

NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) accepted a joint grant application from Nitto Pharma and Kyoto University for the development and practical use of HYA, a new functional fatty acid. In fiscal 2015, they provided a NEDO Grant for this project. This resulted from the high expectations of HYA’s unprecedented applications and high potential. Through this support project, we are collecting data necessary for application of food for specified health uses (FOSHU) and aiming to sell it as FOSHU and foods with function claims in a few years.

Leucosaccharides (exopolysaccharide produced by Leuconostoc mesenteroides NTM048) produced by lactic acid bacteria discovered in green peas


Leucosaccharides is a unique, sticky exopolysaccharide produced by Leuconostoc mesenteroides NTM048, one of the strains in our library of lactic acid bacteria. It is expected to become a principal product for practical use. It was revealed that Leucosaccharides induced the secretion of IgA antibodies enhancing gut mucosa immunity by the collaborative study with Ishikawa Prefectual University and alleviated psoriasis, a chronic dermatosis by one with Hiroshima University. In addition, the anti-obesity effect has been confirmed in a collaborative study with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. These results indicate that daily ingestion of Leucosaccharides is expected to regulate the immune balance and prevent lifestyle diseases. Nitto Pharma not only will aim for the early practical application of Leucosaccharides, but also continue research on the efficacy of Leucosaccharides and L. mesenteroides NTM048 to explore additional applications.