As a community-based company,
we provide healthy lifestyles for children.

We have been committed to one overarching policy: “A company exists for the benefit of society.” Accordingly, since our company was founded in Muko-city, Kyoto in 1947, we have been supporting the Muko-city as a community-centered company.

Support for the Muko-city

Subsidy for Hib vaccinations

To support child-raising assistance in Muko-city, Kyoto, in which our headquarters is located, we have been donating eight million yen to the Muko-city annually since 2010. This funding helps to subsidize vaccination for type b strains for Haemophilus influenzae (Hib), which can lead to bacterial meningitis in infants and children. The treatment for this disease requires about one month of hospitalization and medication; After the treatment, as many as 5% of patients die following treatment for this frightening disease, and 25% suffer sequelae such as impaired development. Four rounds of vaccinations are recommended for infants aged between 6 months and 2 years at a cost of about 30,000 yen. For this reason, we have selected to subsidize this vaccination program. As a result of this donation initiative, Muko-city has become the first city in Kyoto to offer the vaccination subsidy. Nitto Pharma continues child-rearing assistance in the hope that local children will grow up to be healthy citizens who will create the future of Muko-city.

Book Start Project

By contributing funds to Muko-city, we have been promoting the Book Start Project in addition to its Hib vaccination funding. The Book Start Project, established in the U.K. in 1992, encourages parents to share joyful moments with their babies by reading picture books. The Book Start Project was started in Muko-city in 2011. When parents bring their infants to the health center for a periodic check-up, its staff reads picture books to the children and presents parents and children with a "Book Start Pack" including two ones and information of the library. By promoting this project, we hope to strengthen the relationship between families and the community as well as between parents and children.

We contribute to society in a variety of ways as a company born and brought up in Kyoto.

Sponsorship of the National Wheelchair Ekiden Race

The National Wheelchair Ekiden Race is held every year in Kyoto to help people with disabilities participate in society and take an interest in sports. It also encourages other members of society to gain awareness and understanding of people with disabilities. We have sponsored this event since 2009, providing 2,000 packs of our original jelly drink containing Lactobacillus brevis NTT001. In 2014, the committee honored Nitto Pharma for the sponsorship.

Supporting the Shoren-in Temple

Located in Higashiyama, Kyoto, Shoren-in Temple is one of the three Monzeki (a temple formerly led by the founder of sect) of Enryaku-ji Temple on Mt. Hiei, which is the main temple of the Tendai Buddhist sect. Currently, it is considered one of the five Monzeki temples of the Tendai sect in Kyoto. To support for people facing different kinds of challenges, Shoren-in Temple provides people with a place to study Buddhism easily and an opportunity to feel a sense of internal peace. The temple is planning to construct the Grand Hall of the Blue Cetaka at Shogunzuka mound, located at the summit of Mt. Higashiyama, in order to offer training rooms for lectures, Zen meditation and other events. Nitto Pharma donated to support this project in 2012.