Contributing to humanity’s health and happiness through original manufacturing.

Nitto Pharma was established in 1947 in the western area of the city of Kyoto.

The Head Office, Research center and manufacturing plants are located in the middle of verdant greenery, the trees and colorful seasonal flowers creating a peaceful environment in the premises.

As symbolized this unique environment, we have been continuing to make “Unique One Company” path based on independence spirits as a Kyoto company owns. We created an original business model called “the development and product proposal oriented pharmaceutical manufacturer” and have focused on culturing useful microorganisms including lactic acid bacteria since the company foundation, and carried out research into maximizing the unknown potential of lactic acid bacteria as well as other bacteria. Additionally, we have expanded our business fields from OTC (Over The Counter) drugs to ethical drugs. Our aim is to become the “leading Postbiotics company in the world” and as we work toward this we hope to further contribute to humanity’s health and happiness.

Our desire is to keep developing the company, raise happiness for our employees, and contribute to the community through the unique manufacturing only Nitto Pharma can achieve. The hope and desire are reflected in our corporate philosophy of being a “family-friendly company.”

Our motivation is to build such a company that makes sure entire employees live spiritually rich and happy life as the company keeps growing and developing.

Tetsuro Kitao, President and Representative Director