Production facilities

Production facilities

The right environment for producing high-quality pharmaceuticals

We have two production plants, both set amid the lush greenery of Kyoto’s Tamba district. At the Ayabe Plant (Ayabe City), built in 1995 on around 30,000m2 of land, we cultivate lactic acid bacteria and other effective microorganisms, and turn them into bacterial preparations and solid oral drugs. A new wing was added in the autumn of 2015 as we expanded into the production of prescription pharmaceuticals.

Meanwhile, the Osadano Plant (Fukuchiyama City), which was built in 1985 on around 20,000m2 of land, is where we produce Jacko and other oral liquid drugs. With its pure white walls, A-shaped roof, and surrounding fields of seasonal flowers, the plant resembles a charming cottage. Indeed, the locals call it the “lovely factory.”

Ayabe Plant ( bacterial preparations, solid preparations )

The Ayabe Plant is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for bacterial cultivation and pharmaceutical formulation. Here, we cultivate effective microorganisms—including those original Probiotics to Nitto—such as lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, and butyric acid bacteria. We deliver high-quality pharmaceuticals such as intestinal regulation drugs through integrated manufacturing system. We also manufacture solid oral drugs (i.e., tablet, capsule, and granule), including cold remedies and vitamin supplements.

In the autumn of 2015, the plant got a new wing, built to ensure stable supply of Denotas chewable combination tablets (categorized as ethical drugs). With automated warehousing, unmanned conveyors, and automatic weighing systems, this cutting-edge facility requires less manpower. That leads not only to more efficient production but also better quality by removing human contacts from the production process.

Osadano Plant (liquid preparations)

Jacko, a ginseng-derived tonic and a flagship brand of our product line-up, is made here at the Osadano Plant along with other liquid preparations such as medicinal liquors and syrups.

We have even developed our own unique packaging system Jacko Oral Liquid G, the best known of the Jacko series, covering all everything from the cap to the glass bottle with shrink-wrap label to ensure easy-to-open and hygienic product. In this way, we have dedicated to providing consumer-friendly and highest quality products.

Our medicinal liquors are made from crude drugs which strictly comply with the acceptance criteria including microbial tests . We keep in mind to do careful production of the liquors originally developed in Edo-era even if it takes over a month from starting preparation to maturation. This is the philosophy since the establishment of the plant that manufacturing high quality pharmaceuticals by spiritually rich humanity; this is nothing else that the pursuit of ideal as a pharmacist.