Corporate emblem

Corporate emblem
Corporate emblem

Corporate emblem

Our thoughts and feelings are reflected in its color

The blue is the corporate color of Nitto Pharma.
Blue signifies cleanliness, sincerity, reliability, intelligence and peace, indicating a pharmaceutical company that sincerely manufactures pharmaceutical products supported by scientific evidence in clean manufacturing facilities.

The white-based design signifies integrity, sacredness, health and dreams, and reflects our dream of achieving health and eliminating disease for every person in the world.

What the shape means to us

The emblem depicts the capital “N” of “Nitto” with a benzene ring forming its contours. Benzene rings are the basis of chemical ingredients, and form the frame or base structure of many pharmaceutical ingredients.

What we think about the future

The emblem design is to represent a company making constant efforts to provide pharmaceutical products to the world based on to belief that “contributing people’s healthy life in the world” and “ensuring health for humanity.”

Our products support the health of many people regardlessof races in overseas countries. The emblem will be a symbol of Nitto Pharma as an important element of the company.

We hope Nitto Pharma achieve wide recognition in Japan as well as overseas in this era of globalization, and the emblem offer the fundamental spirit of the company to people all over the world.